Bangkok Press Freedom Under Siege

June 11, 2007 @ 1:02 am

Bangkok Post
Their local press having a tough time again lately and with it Thais freedom of expression.
As of writing this i can’t directly access a Bangkok Post news article either that the said article was for paid subscribers or it was intentionally taken down. Lucky for us there’s Google cache !!

I think its high time be part of it and open up my proxy nodes.
To those reading this specially the ones inside Thailand and behind the Great Wall of China just read down for further infos on bypassing net censorship.

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Bypass Net Censorship

@ 12:58 am

Im running a Psiphonode.
As Psiphon was designed to run privately makes it hard to detect and block unlike other proxies.
Just like WASTE this is suppose to be a small trusted network.
as like WASTE again…
Psiphon traffic is encrypted between a psiphonode and the user.
Users don’t need to install anything but you have to ask for the log-in name and password to access my node.
Go to forum here and register to request for Psiphonode access but be reminded that its an OpenID only forum.

Press Freedom Fighters and Dissidents takes priority !

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Yahoo Messenger Security Threat

June 7, 2007 @ 3:31 pm

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo is working on a patch for critical Yahoo Messenger vulnerabilities that could enable a remote hacker to take control of a user’s system.


This type of flaw is not going to be prevented by antivirus,” he added. “There’s no real protection for this type of flaw.

Information week News Article

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Steganography Tool

June 5, 2007 @ 7:52 pm

Ever since S-Tools stop its development that makes it not compatible to the latest OS like Vista, i find it hard to find a reliable and user friendly alternative until now.

SteganoG , a Steganography that’s small and light…importantly its portable meaning you can able to run it inside a USB Flash Drive.

You might need to use Google translation due to the fact that the site is in German but the software itself is multi language.

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GNU Privacy Guard Vulnerabl To Phishing-style Attacks

March 13, 2007 @ 6:39 pm


A critical flaw in the popular encryption software GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) allows attackers to launch a phishing-style attack that inserts text appearing to part of a trusted email, Core Security Technologies announced today.

That text may contain malware or lead unsuspecting users to a malicious website, Ivan Arce, CTO of Core Security, the vendor that discovered the flaw, told today.

The vulnerability, which has been patched since Feb. 20 and is corrected in the new version of GPG that was released Monday, affects email clients such as KMail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Mutt and GNUMail, said Arce.

From SC Magazine

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Skype Reads Out BIOS Data !!

February 11, 2007 @ 1:44 pm

Skype Logo

What a headline , isn’t it ?
Apparently according to hacker “Myria” Skype reads and dumps BIOS data of your computer.

It’s dumping your system BIOS, which usually includes your motherboard’s serial number, and pipes it to the Skype application. I have no idea what they’re using it for, or whether they send anything to their servers, but I bet whatever they’re doing is no good given their track record.

As soon as Skype is runs it saves an executable file called in the user’s temporary folder.

And Skype also prevents the contents of the .com file that it has created, from being examined. Myria writes that the file could only be opened after the system had been rebooted because of a forced kernel panic.

Try to check out also the comments on Myria’s blog

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Wi-Fi Security

February 6, 2007 @ 4:01 pm

Its been years now that it never surprise most people whenever i told them i will keep avoiding using Wi-Fi due to its inherent weak security. Its basically open for easy hacking.
And please please don’t mention WEP and WPA encryption.
Graham Johnson of KiroTV personally witnessed how it was easy to accomplish….

Pearce showed us how he can spot log-ins and credit card numbers.

Just imagine what he’d see if Cortesi was filing his taxes.

It took even less time to crack the password for a WPA encryption, which is considered more secure.

Mr. Johnson have a few suggestion in his article to avoid such thing but its really really so basic and limited.

I suggest to try to seriously read Robert L. Mitchell article.

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Warning Issued To LimeWire Users

October 30, 2006 @ 10:39 am


Denver law-enforcement officials are alerting people who use file-sharing software, particularly LimeWire, to be on the alert for a computer security breach that could put their personal data into the wrong hands.

During an identity theft investigation that led to a local apartment, Denver police found personal and financial information from about 75 individual and business accounts located across the country. The information included tax records, bank account information, online bill-paying records and other data.

more of that here

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Free Speech Online ‘Under Threat’

October 29, 2006 @ 12:34 pm


Bloggers are being asked to show their support for freedom of expression by Amnesty International.

The human rights group also wants web log writers to highlight the plight of fellow bloggers jailed for what they wrote in their online journals.

The organisation said fundamental rights such as free speech faced graver threats than ever before.

The campaign coincides with the start of a week-long UN-organised conference that will debate the future of the net.

BBC News

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Boarding Pass Hacker Under Fire

@ 1:33 am

Security researcher Christopher Soghoian created the Northwest Airline Boarding Pass Generator in the hope of spurring Congress to look closely at the nation’s aviation security policies, which he calls “security theater.”

The site lets anyone create a facsimile of a Northwest Airlines boarding pass, with whatever name they choose.

Full WIRED News Article

Soghoian Site here

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