Genuine Microsoft Software Authentication Workaround

July 31, 2005 @ 12:00 am

In Internet Explorer select Tools, Internet Options, Programs, Manage Add-ons, select the Genuine Advantage “LegitCheckControl.dll” and click on disable.

Before :

After :

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4 Tricks For Fast Search Engine Indexing

July 30, 2005 @ 7:04 pm

Im reprinting the 4 Tricks For Lightning Fast Indexing… from Awesome Blogs

The biggest problem that most are running into seems to do with getting INTO the search engines. Rankings aside, you need to first get them to index you. Here are the four main ways to assure yourself fast indexing:

Indexing Tip #1:

Never launch a new site with a lot of back links. Build natural links over weeks and months.

Let’s face it, there is no guaranteed method of getting indexed by Google fast, and buying links from high-ranking sites does not guarantees anything either.

The most immediate red flag you should watch out for is your number of incoming links. According to Google, it takes time to get link popularity and sites should not have more than 100 incoming links.

It’s okay to launch with a quality link or two. But beyond that, you are pushing it!

Here is the scoop! It takes 30-45 days for Google to deep index new sites. Instead of sitting around during “sandbox” time, use that period to build a strong set of natural back-links with a variety of sites.

Indexing Tip #2:

Register your domain name at least four months before you plan to launch the site.

No I am not kidding! Whether you agree with it or not, history shows that Google takes older URLs far more seriously than newer ones. So register your domain name as soon as you plan on developing a site.

Indexing Tip #3:

Blog and ping carefully.

Blogging & pinging is one of the fastest ways to get into the Yahoo index – it can literally get you into Yahoo overnight – helps with MSN as well.

Will blogging and pinging help get you into Google? Maybe. But over-pinging can set off red flags on the ping servers, and if you’re using automated blogging software, overdoing it can cause and other services to shut down your blog.

Blogging and pinging intelligently can get your blog indexed in Yahoo quickly, but ping carefully.

Does Yahoo de-index junk blogs? Absolutely. Especially since the creation of all this software, the search engines are watching closely for red flags (use software wisely).

So what can you do about Yahoo Search? Not much… You can be smart about blogging and pinging or even better, you can create real (not by software) blogs. You still have to be careful with pinging though.

In the end, blogging and pinging should be part of every beginner’s indexing strategy.

Indexing Tip #4:

If you build bulk directory/portal sites – keep them in the 200-300 page range.

We know it’s such a blast to build those monster 1000-5000 page sites, even with growing evidence of Google bots’ tendencies to stall after indexing the first 200 pages or so…

So if you’re into blasting out those gigantic directories and sick of waiting months for them to get indexed, experiment with building smaller sites around more targeted niches.

In a nutshell: Divide those mega-keyword lists, spend a little time grouping your sub-lists, and build smaller sites.

All in all, the best way to get indexed, stay indexed and eventually get ranked is to recruit incoming link partners. See, blogging and pinging could be gone tomorrow. But, linking is an integral part of how the internet works – it will never go away.

Concentrate on building sites and recruiting links – the links get you indexed, ranked and even bring you free traffic from those who click the links!

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Mariah Carey

July 22, 2005 @ 10:04 pm

Due to persistent public demands ;) it’s here…

mtv germany

Click the image for bigger size.

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free SkypeOut 10mins. call

July 21, 2005 @ 2:37 am

Attention Skype users !!!!!! Today is SkypeOut Gift case you don’t know , that’s 10 mins worth of skypeout call.

Here’s how..

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Unbelievable…Jerking Off ??

July 20, 2005 @ 1:21 am

check this out…. can you tell me what’s this guy up to ? or its just my that’s Hurricane Emily refugee camp in Mexico. ;)

jerks off

CNN News

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July 19, 2005 @ 11:55 pm

A security flaw in Skype for Linux could put users at risk of privilege escalation attacks, according to an advisory from researcher Giovanni Delvecchio.

The vulnerability in the popular telephony program is caused due to the temporary file “/tmp/skype_profile.jpg” being created insecurely. This can be exploited via symlink attacks to create or overwrite arbitrary files with the privileges of the user running the affected application.

Delvecchio has confirmed the vulnerability in Skype for Linux version Prior versions may also be affected.

As a temporary workaround, users are urged to avoid granting untrusted users access to an affected system.

eWeek Article

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Recent Firefox Release Needs Fixing

@ 11:48 pm

The latest releases of the Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client break extensions built by third-party developers, and new versions of the flawed software are expected to be released this week.

Information Week

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Darknet Casts Hollywood as Heavy

@ 11:47 pm

Hollywood is terrified of your computer. Movie industry bigwigs know your PC can help you create your own movies, or, worse, copy and tweak theirs. So, like a jealous lover, the entertainment industry worries: Is your computer offering you the fulfillment we can’t? Are you going to buy fewer of our movie tickets, DVDs and CDs?

Author J.D. Lasica says Hollywood is waging battles on several fronts to make sure that doesn’t happen. In his comprehensive, sometimes chilling new book, Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation, Lasica details the entertainment industry’s strategies for maintaining control of content in the rip-mix-burn age.

WIRED News Article

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@ 11:42 pm

Chess960 seems to hold special appeal for chess programmers. Because the placement of pieces is random, computers rely on lightning-fast processing, without retrieving archives of past moves from a database.

Conventional chess-playing programs, with their dreadful power to calculate moves deep into the future, still rely on a digital version of an opening book at the outset of each game. This is essentially a look-up table constructed by a specialist, dictating the correct move for two million or more unique positions.

WIRED News Article

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Hitler In San Diego ?

July 18, 2005 @ 11:32 pm

Hitler in Bougainville Road, US Navy Exchange, San Diego ?

“The Seal’s Lair”


Google Map Here

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