Encryption Project Has Teen Feeling Pretty Secure

June 22, 2006 @ 5:42 pm

Whiz Kid

Torrey Pines High School student Ivan Sergeev has spent nearly half his life speaking the language of computers. Taking after his father, a computer programmer, Sergeev became interested in programming at the age of 8 – three years after emigrating from Russia with his family – and took an interest in hardware design at 14.

“Over time, I got really good at both,” said Sergeev. Now, at 16, Sergeev has designed and developed technology to improve security in online communications between computers.

He presented his science project, “Embedded Secure Network Bridge,” at the annual TechNet International conference and exposition this week at the Washington Convention Center.

San Diego

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British Computer Whiz-Kid Exports Terror Via Internet

June 9, 2006 @ 5:01 pm

Interesting news but are they for real?
An expert will be very hard to trace and seldom uses email and unsecured telephone.
Or Scotland Yard and MI5 are under pressure to put up a good show?
If indeed they are terrorist , do they (Scotland Yard , MI5 , CIA..etc) so incompetent and pathetic to fall into this kind of ‘misdirection’ ?

An e-mail trail has led to the arrest of suspects across the world who were recruited and then schooled in bombmaking

AN INTERNET trail left by a British computer expert has led investigators to an intricate terror network spreading from the backstreets of Baghdad through cells of young militants living in European capitals to Islamic extremists plotting car-bomb attacks in North America.

For nine months police and intelligence agents in eight countries have patiently worked through a forest of e-mails and intercepted telephone calls that have so far led to the arrest of up to 30 men.

Most of these suspects have never met. They had no need. They were recruited, groomed by skilled propagandists and schooled in bombmaking via the internet….

TIMES Online

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