Who Is Reading Your Email?

July 19, 2006 @ 7:21 pm

Bill Thompson

An article of Bill Thompson from BBC World touches on the unsecured nature of email.
And that reminds me of how its easy to trace an email message.
Tracing Email 101

from Bill Thompsong article

Every time you send an email it passes through a series of computers on its way to the intended destination. Most of them are owned and managed by internet service providers, although if you use webmail from Yahoo!, Google or Microsoft then it may take a different route.

But whoever provides your email, the chances are they are having a look at every message you send or receive.

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Letters Reveal Einstein Love Life

July 13, 2006 @ 12:29 am


Letters written by Albert Einstein to his family have shed light on the scientist’s personal life, including a string of extramarital affairs.

The German-born scientist travelled extensively and wrote hundreds of letters to his family.

The letters were released by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which had held the collection for many years.

Einstein’s stepdaughter, Margot, had stated in her will they should not be revealed until 20 years after she died.

Einstein is known to have had a dozen lovers, two of whom he married, said Barbara Wolff of the Hebrew University’s Albert Einstein Archives.

The letters deal with a number of other topics:

His Nobel Prize money:
Despite reports that Einstein transferred the Nobel Prize money directly to Switzerland following a divorce agreement in which it was assigned to his first wife, Mileva, the letters reveal he instead invested the major part of it in the US, where he settled after being driven out of Nazi Germany. Much of the money was later lost in the Depression.

His son:
Einstein found his son Eduard’s schizophrenia difficult to accept, and often expresses the idea that it would have been better if Eduard had not been born.

His stepdaughter:
In a letter to Elsa in 1924, Einstein writes: “I love her [Margot] as much as if she were my own daughter, perhaps even more so, since who knows what kind of brat she would have become [had I fathered her].”

In a letter to Elsa in 1921, he says: “Soon I’ll be fed up with the relativity. Even such a thing fades away when one is too involved with it.”

BBC News

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FBI Passwords Cracked Using Free Software !!

July 9, 2006 @ 5:47 pm

A government consultant, using computer programs easily found on the Internet, managed to crack the FBI’s classified computer system and gain the passwords of 38,000 employees, including that of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III.

The break-ins, which occurred four times in 2004, gave the consultant access to records in the Witness Protection program and details on counterespionage activity, according to documents filed in US District Court in Washington. As a direct result, the bureau said it was forced to temporarily shut down its network and commit thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars to ensure no sensitive information was lost or misused.

The government does not allege that the consultant, Joseph Thomas Colon, intended to harm national security. But prosecutors said Colon’s “curiosity hacks” nonetheless exposed sensitive information.”

The Boston Globe

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Burma Blocks Gmail, G-Talk

July 8, 2006 @ 5:40 pm

Burma appears to have blocked access to Gmail and G-Talk, two of the most popular Internet applications in one of the world’s most restricted societies.

Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) – which holds a monopoly over Burma’s postal and telecommunications sector – is believed to be tightening controls over cyberspace as demand for information in, and coming out of, the country peaks around the date of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s 60th birthday and related worldwide campaigns calling for her release from detention.

The Delhi-based Burmese news website “Mizzima.com” is reporting that individual users of Gmail and G-Talk in Rangoon are complaining of a sudden inability to access the popular email and Internet telephony programs. The complaints started after 19 June 2006, when Suu Kyi celebrated her 60th birthday. Gmail users, when attempting to login to their email accounts, were greeted with the words “Access Denied” on their screens, Mizzima reports.”


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